Table of contents:

  • Important reasons why a career as a beautician in India is a good decision
  • Career opportunities for beauticians in India
  • How Brioso Helps

“Change is the only constant”. The beauty and makeup industry has proved this saying. Nowadays, you can see a lot of changes in people’s passions towards their careers. The young generation in today’s world is not following the traditional career trends but their heart. This is the reason we can observe the growth in career options. In this new era, you can witness people choosing careers in direction, hair styling, modeling, photography, makeup, and many more not only in engineering and medicine. 

Earlier, women only worked on their looks when they were attending any wedding or social gathering. But today, it is considered a norm to look good and confident for every occasion to leave a lasting impression on everyone. Hence, you can see a rise in demand for makeup artists and hair stylists for everyday purposes. Because of this rising demand, many aspirants are considering opting for a career in the beauty industry. 

Important reasons why a career as a beautician in India is a good decision:

In India, the beauty industry is growing quickly and it can be observed that there is a high demand for proficient beauticians in every location of India. Beauticians in India can work in any setting including parlours, hotels, spas, weddings, film sets, and many more. Starting their own business can also be a good option when they choose a career as a beautician

It has been predicted that the beauty industry can grow to reach $20 billion by 2025. The demand for skilled beauticians is increasing day by day. With the growth of the beauty market, it can be observed that the demand can’t be met as there is a shortage of skilled beauticians.

When you look for the beautician scope and career in India, you can find that there is an opportunity for a beautician in every setting. You will be surprised to know that skilled beauticians can earn a very good salary from the initial stage of their career. One of the most amazing perks of choosing a career in the beauty industry is the flexibility of the schedule. 

Career opportunities for beauticians in India:

Some of the exciting career opportunities for beauticians are:

  • Makeup Artist:

If you are passionate about makeup, you can opt for this lucrative role in beauty and makeup career. As we can see the demand for a makeup artist is growing rapidly as everyone wishes to look their best on every occasion. There is a need formakeup artists everywhere including weddings, parties, bridal shoots, serials, movies, photoshoots, and many more. 

  • Beauty Consultant:

Another interesting scope of a beauty and makeup career is of beauty consultant or advisor. When you work as a beauty consultant, you have to analyse the skin type of customers and understand their concerns and preferences. Depending on their answers, you have to recommend the perfect product that suits their skin type perfectly. Sometimes, you also need to demonstrate certain makeup techniques so that they can know the basics of beauty and makeup. 

  • Hairstylist:

When you look for a beautician scope and career in Pune (India), you will understand hairstyling is one of the integral parts of this industry. As a hairstylist, you can get a chance to work with actors and models. To rise in this career, you must get proper training and experience in hairstyling. 

  • Beauty Influencer:

Nowadays, the beauty industry in the digital market has been ruled by beauty influencers. As a beauty influencer, you can give simple tips about makeup techniques or just give illustrated makeup tutorials to people. 

How Brioso Helps:

Renowned for its exceptional training programs and expert instructors, Brioso offers a comprehensive pathway to help you achieve your professional goals. At Brioso, you will learn from the award-winning and skilled trainer of the industry. With the utilization of their comprehensive beauty and makeup courses in Pune, you will gain insights into the latest trends, techniques, and best practices. 

The beautician course in Pune offered by Brioso is designed specifically to cover all aspects of makeup artistry and hairstyling. You will get a chance to explore everything from basic techniques to advanced makeup skills to ensure that you can work with any client in the future. 

Through this makeup artist course in Pune, you can get hands-on experience by working in real-world scenarios. Their trainers are dedicated to the success of each trainee. Hence, they provide personalized career guidance to help you navigate through this industry.