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Please confirm your numbers carefully at the time of your booking, as we don’t offer any reductions at any time for hair and makeup services. Should someone in your wedding/group booking cancel at any time they are welcome to be replaced with someone else, e.g. a guest or relative.

You will be charged the full amount of the service since the booking duration on the requested datehas been specifically allocated to you which results in lost earnings/bookings for us. It is your responsibility as the client to communicate and make the other parties aware of our rates and terms of service. Cancellations without the aforementioned prior notice (one month) will be charged the full cost of the booking. All security deposits are strictly non-refundable. This also applies to weddings that have been cancelled due to personal relationship or personal financial problems.

Cancellation of any booking by client must be communicated in writing, by post or email and will only be confirmed upon receipt of this. The complete security deposit will be retained by us regardless of notice given due to administration and loss of other bookings caused by allocating your appointment.


The client scheduling the booking will be responsible for full payment of all services in the event that other people in the wedding party/group do not pay their portion.

Payment is to be made by bank deposit only. Electronic payments that do not clear before the booking date will not be accepted as payment of the respective invoice.

Appointments are only tentatively held for 7 days from the time and date the invoice was issued. After this the appointment may be voided if a security deposit has not been received by Brioso Beauty and offered to another interested party without prior notice. If you are having difficulty viewing, receiving or paying an invoice, please contact Brioso Beauty immediately. We recommended that able clients send a transaction receipt as proof of payment.

Secured group bookings which are not paid in full by the due date risk termination and will not be attended. We will try to reach you to remind you of payment via your email and/or phone number you have provided us with. Failure to pay the full due balance will result in a final letter of demand which will be emailed to the address supplied, which if after seven days of this letter being sent full payment is still not made, we will pursue legal action to retrieve those funds plus late payment interest of 7.4% per month overdue and any legal fees we incur whilst trying to recover the monies owed to us.

Please note that service will not be provided without payment in full, prior to the start of makeup service.


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