Bridal Makeover Packages

Sonal is one of the top makeup artists and hairstylists around Mumbai & Pune. Here are the bridal makeover packages she offers for All types of wedding makeover requirements. To create a customized bridal package, you can call us directly.

Bridal Makeover

*Package starting from INR 30,000/-

Natural and elegant Bridal Makeover for functions like Wedding, Reception, Engagement, Sangeet & Cocktail Party.

– HD/Airbrush Bridal makeup and hairstyle by Sonal herself
– Outfit styling / draping by Sonal herself
– All luxury cosmetics brands
– Hair Accessories
– Eye lashes & colored lenses


Haldi / Mehendi Makeover

*Package starting from INR 15,000/-

Indian weddings are globally renowned for their grand and lavish rituals and we help make you look camera ready on your Haldi ceremony

– HD makeup and hairstyle by Sonal herself
– Outfit styling / draping by Sonal & team
– All international cosmetics brands
– Hair Accessories
– Eye lashes & colored lenses


Bridesmaid Makeover

*Package ranging from INR 5,500/- to INR 10,500/-

With the wedding being a family event and a celebration, your bridesmaid deserves to look the best when around the bride

– Bridesmaid Makeup / Siders Makeup
– HD / Soft Glam makeup and hairstyle by Sonal & team
– Outfit styling / draping by Sonal & team
– All international / drug store cosmetics brands
– Hair Accessories
– Eye lashes & colored lenses


Groom Makeover

*Package starting from INR 5,500/-

Your wedding day is around the corner and we help grooms look their perfect selves on D-Day.

– HD makeup and hairstyle by Sonal & team
– Outfit styling by Sonal & team
– All international cosmetics brands



Natural and elegant bridal makeover for all wedding functions like Engagement, Haldi, Sangeet, etc. For Bride, Bridesmaid and the Groom..


5+ Years Experience

Awards Received

Winner of Bridal Makeover Competition held in VLCC INSTITUTE Pune.

Products Used

All international / drug store cosmetics brands like Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, MakeupForever, MAC, NARS, Fenty, HUDA, Benefit, Charlotte tilbury, etc.

Prices Inclusive Of

Hair Styling, Draping, Makeover, Extensions, False Lashes.


Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the “Artist” refers to Brioso Beauty. The “Client” refers to the person named on the Quotation. Once the deposit is received by Brioso Beauty, the Client agrees to the following Terms & Conditions

COVID-19 and event cancellations / postponements

Updated 1st Jan 2022: We understand that we still find ourselves in unprecedented, uncertain and unsettling times as we move closer to what we understood as normality. Our T’s and C’s are outlined below and please be reassured that we will work with you to come to a resolution for each enquiry. If you have already paid a deposit to reserve your event date / makeup lesson / trial, this is non-refundable but hopefully we can reschedule based on availability. In the case that we can re-schedule, the deposit will simply be transferred to the new date without any additional charges. If you have paid anything towards the final balance of your booking, our policy outlined in the ‘cancellations’ section below will apply. We would also like to reassure you that we have always operated to the highest standards with kit cleanliness and hygiene and we will continue to do so with a risk assessment available upon request. Following all government and industry guidelines, we working following ‘close-contact’ services guidelines to ensure safety for everyone.

Bridal & Non Bridals

Any event in which a bride is present such as Ceremony, Reception, Engagement party, Mehendi, Wedding, etc. is considered a bridal event, but brides may choose which package better suits their needs. All bridal packages include hairstyling, make-up HD/airbrush, draping and eyelashes.

For phone/email consults (complimentary in the bridal package), everything is discussed in detail based on photos of styles that the brides send, as well as current photos of the bride herself so we can offer suggestions based on needs.

Pricing and details are subject to change with no notice, however if a contract has already been drawn out and confirmed reflecting former pricing, the contract quote will be honored. Updated pricing would apply for new bookings only.


The type of services, number of services and date and location of services provided by Brioso Beauty are agreed to by both parties as stated by in the agreed upon written quote provided by the Artist once a deposit for that quote has been received. The Client must notify the Artist as soon as possible of any additional services required on the date. The Artist reserves the right to refuse the provision of services which are additional to those specified in the quote and not agreed to prior to the date of service. Where TBC (To be confirmed) is written for a service date in the quote provided, the Artist will endeavour to provide that service on a date that is preferable to the client, however, the provision of that service is subject to the Artist’s availability

Wedding & Group Bookings

Bookings are subject to availability; please contact Brioso Beauty to confirm availability. In order to secure your wedding/group booking on a “per person” or “exclusive” basis you will be required to pay a non-refundable security deposit (50% of total amount) which is deducted from the total cost of the booking.

The security deposit amount will not be refundable under any circumstances. The remainder of the service must be paid in full before start of the makeup service or the client risks the appointment being unattended.

30 days’ notice must be given if client wish to cancel or reschedule a wedding/group booking. Failure to do so may mean you will be charged the full cost of the booking. We do not hold any bookings that have not paid their security deposit.



Time management is of the essence therefore adherence to booking times is critical in ensuring that Brioso Beauty delivers the service you expect and will be strictly adhered to. Should unforeseen circumstances arise, the onus is on the bride/client to advise Brioso Beauty as soon as practical. Brioso Beauty is not responsible if desired completion time is not met due to client/group/wedding party delays.

However, we understand the last minute urgencies and we will consider the delay of 30 minutes from the booking time. After 30 minutes a late fee of ₹1000/- will be charged for every 30 minutes of delay when a client is late for the scheduled time, or if the scheduled service exceeds allotted time because of client delays


The client scheduling the booking will be responsible for full payment of all services in the event that other people in the wedding party/group do not pay their portion.

Payment is to be made by bank deposit only. Electronic payments that do not clear before the booking date will not be accepted as payment of the respective invoice.

Appointments are only tentatively held for 7 days from the time and date the invoice was issued. After this the appointment may be voided if a security deposit has not been received by Brioso Beauty and offered to another interested party without prior notice. If you are having difficulty viewing, receiving or paying an invoice, please contact Brioso Beauty immediately. We recommended that able clients send a transaction receipt as proof of payment.

Secured group bookings which are not paid in full by the due date risk termination and will not be attended. We will try to reach you to remind you of payment via your email and/or phone number you have provided us with. Failure to pay the full due balance will result in a final letter of demand which will be emailed to the address supplied, which if after seven days of this letter being sent full payment is still not made, we will pursue legal action to retrieve those funds plus late payment interest of 7.4% per month overdue and any legal fees we incur whilst trying to recover the monies owed to us.

Please note that service will not be provided without payment in full, prior to the start of makeup service.



Please confirm your numbers carefully at the time of your booking, as we don’t offer any reductions at any time for hair and makeup services. Should someone in your wedding/group booking cancel at any time they are welcome to be replaced with someone else, e.g. a guest or relative.

You will be charged the full amount of the service since the booking duration on the requested datehas been specifically allocated to you which results in lost earnings/bookings for us. It is your responsibility as the client to communicate and make the other parties aware of our rates and terms of service. Cancellations without the aforementioned prior notice (one month) will be charged the full cost of the booking. All security deposits are strictly non-refundable. This also applies to weddings that have been cancelled due to personal relationship or personal financial problems.

Cancellation of any booking by client must be communicated in writing, by post or email and will only be confirmed upon receipt of this. The complete security deposit will be retained by us regardless of notice given due to administration and loss of other bookings caused by allocating your appointment.

Travel/Parking Fees

A travel fee may be incurred depending on distance required to travel. If in the event that anyhotel/motel and parking fees are incurred as result of the location of the booking, these will be passed on to the client. If onsite parking is not available, you must notify Brioso Beauty immediately so other arrangements can be made.

Please be aware that parking delays caused by the client may result in the artist’s inability to start the service on time, finish the total service booked or get to the service at all. We recommend that onsite parking be provided to us to avoid disappointment. 

Extra people wanting makeover service

If any additional people require makeover service on the day, but do not have a booking, this is not normally a problem and payment can be in cash at the time of the appointment prior to us starting the service. It is recommended to give Brioso Beauty notice if others in attendance want makeover service so arrangements can be made. Brioso Beauty recommends that numbers for makeover services are confirmed in advance to avoid potential disappointment where we may not be able to cater to extras.


Additional requests such as glitters, specialty lashes, gemstones, bold/unusual pigments and other special mediums need to be requested in advance which we will quote for. We do not carry specialty items unless requested. Please provide ample notice so arrangements can be made. Should special or tattoo coverage be required please advise Brioso Beauty in advance so this can be discussed for time and cost to be quoted.

Health & Safety

Brioso Beauty is not, under any circumstances, responsible for any allergic reactions to products used. The onus is on the client to give advance notification to Brioso Beauty if you or any of your group/wedding party have particular hypersensitivity that you are aware of. Should you bring your own product that you are familiar with, then Brioso Beauty would be happy to use the product. We cannot make guarantees surrounding quality for product(s) you supply for us to use.

Children in attendance of the booking are to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Children are not to be in the service area at any time unless they are having a service and are being supervised by a responsible adult. This is for their own safety; we use very hot styling tools, operate electrical equipment and have very heavy equipment which can tip if not used correctly. Brioso Beauty accepts no liability from any claims arising from any children’s injury while in the service area.


For the security of all products and to avoid any kind of disturbance, client to arrange for a separate room for makeup, where no other person will be allowed during application of makeup. Makeup artist will not be held responsible for any delays in case of disturbance.

Damages, theft or contamination to Brioso Beauty property caused by any person, (including children), require on the spot compensation of equipment plus shipping costs of that equipment. This applies to damaged or contaminated items. As children cannot compensate, their responsible adult, (or The Client), will be held responsible for on the spot compensation. 

In the event that the original scheduled artist(s) are not able to attend the appointment to provide hair and/or makeup services on the scheduled booking date, Brioso Beauty will make every attempt to replace the hair and/or makeup artist(s). However, if we are unsuccessful, the limit of liability is a full refund of all monies already paid for the hair and/or makeup for the affected date only.

Clients acknowledge that Brioso Beauty may use any photographs or images taken for portfolio, website and any promotions.


Medical Disclaimer

The contents and advice on this site are for general informational purposes only and should not be substituted for seeking the advice of a medical professional. We accept no liability for any claims arising out of the misuse, allergic reactions, or any injury suffered with the consenting use of the products and equipment offered by Brioso Beauty. By making a booking with us you acknowledge and accept this policy and release us from any liability if such a situation should arise.

The client understands that once they pay the booking deposit, they are legally bound by this document. 


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